Coronavirus Advice

This page has been designed to provide up-to-date information, guidance and advice with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you need medical help, please use the 111 online coronavirus service.

Keep Beaconsfield working

We are passionate about promoting our high streets and ensuring a market town appeal. We will lobby to get business rates reduced to assist our shop keepers, to create local jobs and apprenticeships and to encourage a more diverse range of businesses into our town.  

Serious People for A Serious Job

1st April sees the creation of a new super Council for Buckinghamshire. Everything from potholes to planning, education to environment, social care to social incluson will be provided by one organisation. The first election to the new Buckinghamshire Council takes place on 7th May. 

Repairing our roads

Months of high rainfall and recent cold nights have left some local roads in a very bad state. 

Keep Beaconsfield moving

We are determined to deliver parking solutions. We will investigate parking permits and meter parking to provide for our residents' needs and will look at other car parking schemes to alleivate pressure and congestion on our roads.

Keep Beaconsfield Green

Anita, Jackson and Alstair recognise the quality of life that our surrounding Green Belt brings and they will support the new Council in producing a county-wide Local Plan which takes ino account the requirements of national government housing numbers and that of our own beautiful environment. 

Improving our schools

I am very passionate about giving everyone a good education; I understand education is absolutely critical to improve social mobility, families and provide opportunities. 

Backing our Armed Forces

I am committed to ensuring that Britain retains our investment in our Armed Forces; my father was a Commonwealth Army Officer who worked on the Five Power Defence Arrangement.