Backing our Armed Forces

I am committed to ensuring that Britain retains our investment in our Armed Forces; my father was a Commonwealth Army Officer who worked on the Five Power Defence Arrangement.

My international work with the Foreign Office and the Home Office has shown me that it is not only about the defence of our country but about Britain's international responsibility. 

Therefore, I welcome the Government's commitment that the defence budget will grow by 2.6% in real terms next year. The UK has the second largest defence budget in NATO and the largest in Europe, and I am encouraged by Ministers' assurances that the 2% commitment is a floor not a ceiling. 

I personally would like to see it increased to at least 3%. This will ensure that Britain's defence budget continues to support world-class armed forces, with the equipment and capabilities needed to deliver security for Britain in an unstable world.

In a world of intensifying and evolving threats, we should strengthen and maintain our ability to counter challenges as they emerge, such as unconventional warfare and those of a cyber nature.

CF Armed Forces 2019