About Jackson Ng

Jackson Ng FRSA MCIArb is someone who combines traditional family values with a modern international perspective. 

His experience with both small and large businesses in several different countries makes him an ideal political candidate in post Brexit Britain.

"Highly rated by many in the North-West Conservatives and seen as a rising star, Jackson is talented and great with voters – just what we need in Parliament."

Alma McGing MBE, Jackson’s agent for the 2015 General Election

Jackson Ng was born to a Dutch-Indonesian mother and a Singaporean father who served as a Commonwealth Army Officer.

He was first schooled in Oxfordshire. He then lived in Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands before coming back to Britain where he stayed on after reading law at the School of Oriental & African Studies and the London School of Economics.

Jackson’s Conservative values are very much shaped by the sacrifices made by his parents.

To provide for a better education for Jackson and his sister, his parent re-mortgaged their family home, came out of early retirement and started a bed & breakfast family business in Lancashire.

Jackson is married to Elspeth. They have twin girls Annika and Annabel.

Life experience

From the age of 14, Jackson spent every summer undertaking work experience or volunteering at charities until he started working.

Jackson started his business career as a head-hunter in an international recruitment agency before moving into the Law in 2007.

As a solicitor, he focused mainly on small businesses. In 2015, he re-qualified as a barrister so that he could put into practice his desire to be a fierce advocate for individuals and currently practises law from a law firm which he helped set up and co-owns. 

His advocacy skills were also utilised in the international arena. He previously worked as a senior executive in a global communications company, advising international CEOs on their communications and market strategy, whilst driving directional strategy implementation within his company.

He has also invested and advised in a wide range of start-up businesses. 

He is currently a governor of his local primary school and board member of his local church council.

"Jackson was a crucial advisor that helped turn around NACUE and advised on building 260 enterprise societies across the country and delivering policy for the national government. NACUE is still thriving and changing young people’s lives every day in allowing them to follow their entrepreneurial dream - that is part of Jackson’s legacy."

Johnny Luk, CEO of National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) 2014 - 2016

Core beliefs

Jackson’s personal Commonwealth links, political and international business experience makes him passionate about building a Global Britain.

As a result of his personal experiences, he strongly believes in improving social mobility, especially with education at the forefront.

Jackson also cares deeply about the NHS as it has previously saved his life and his family relies heavily on it.


Jackson first joined the Party in 2009 and volunteered in the 2010 General Elections.

In 2011, he worked as a volunteer as a Political Advisor in Parliament, specifically to help improve bilateral relations and trade links with Asian economies. 

It was then that he realised how passionately he wanted to help shape our country for the better.

In 2013, he set up and ran the Conservative Friends of the Chinese for four years as its Political Director.


In the 2015 General Election, Jackson stood in Liverpool Riverside and led a successful drive for new members, and maintained the Tory vote share, despite a massive UKIP surge.

"Jackson was an invaluable member of the campaign team for Wirral West in the 2015 General Election. Experienced and committed he worked hard on the doorstep - he also ensured many of his friends came to help too. I am happy to endorse Jackson as a Conservative Candidate who in turn I believe will be an asset on the Green Benches.”

​The Rt Hon Esther McVey MP

​Minister of State (Housing, Communities and Local Government)

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Jan 2018 - Nov 2018


In the 2017 General Election, Jackson stood in St Helen's North, where he increased the Conservative share by 7.4%.

“I have worked as a party volunteer since 2001 and been involved in every general election bar one in that time.  In all that time, it would be fair to say that I have seen very few people that can match the combination of attributes that Jackson brings to the table.  He has a keen mind, that doesn't just demonstrate his intelligence, but he's adaptable with it.  To stand in such a safe Labour seat as St Helens North and still deliver a commanding hustings performance is no small accomplishment. Jackson is a top draw operator and the only other I've seen like him is now an MP too.”

​John Cunliffe, Chairman of St. Helens Conservatives Association 2017



In July 2017, he became a Conservative Party Councillor on the Beaconsfield Town Council.

Jackson is currently the Deputy Voluntary Director of the Conservative Policy Forum, the current Chairman of Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association and sits on the Board of the Conservative Friends of the Chinese.


"What makes a good Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and has Jackson Ng got the required criteria, well in my view the answer is YESJackson Ng has the ability to communicate to the electorate the national policies, to understand those policies and to express to the electorate the reason why such policies need to be introduced and implemented. The ability also to learn quickly about local issues & concerns and the best way to promote them to the electorate. Jackson Ng has the way to be both a team leader and a team player, to work with activists and to lead as required, to encourage were needed and to give additional support if necessary.  To understand the importance of the volunteer activists, the levels of help they give and to realise that they all cannot give as much time and effort that may be expected. The ability to get the most from everyone around him through his own example. Jackson Ng shows commitment to the Conservative Party, what it stands for and its values. I have no doubt that any constituency would have in Jackson Ng an excellent PPC."

John Bebell

Former Chairman of Wirral West

Former Area Officer

Senior Association Officer for the last three General Elections campaigns in Wirral West

Member of the Conservative Party since 1979 and has held a variety of senior positions within Wirral West