Preserving our Green Belt

We are so lucky to live in one of the most green and beautiful parts of England. However, that does mean that if we want to build more housing, especially affordable housing, our Green Belt could be at risk.  

I am a strong advocate of protection for the Green Belt which checks urban sprawl, preserves the character of our historic towns and villages, and safeguard our countryside from encroachment. 

I welcome that the revised National Planning Policy Framework gives further clarification to the existing protections for the Green Belt by ensuring that local authorities can only alter boundaries in clearly defined exceptional circumstances.

We should also make greater use of brownfield sites which will reduce the need for development on greenfield sites, protecting previously undeveloped land outside of the Green Belt and reducing pressure on the undeveloped Green Belt land we value.

If selected and elected, I would support the new Unitary Buckinghamshire Council in identifying brownfield sites and preserving our green belt across the County.